Francesca Antonini

About Francesca

Francesca Antonini is a Fellow in Intellectual History/History of Political Thought at the Institute.


Francesca obtained her degrees at the University of Pavia, Italy, where she was awarded a PhD in July 2015 (in co-supervision with Aarhus University, Denmark). Before joining the University of Göttingen she held postdoctoral research positions at the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi in Turin and the École Normale Supérieure in Lyon. Between 2019 and 2021 she was Early Career Fellow at the Lichtenberg-Kolleg. Her work focuses on the opposing ‘extreme’ tendencies of interwar European thought, by investigating both the Marxist (Socialist and Communist) framework as well as the Fascist scenario. Her first monograph Caesarism and Bonapartism in Gramsci: Hegemony and the Crisis of Modernity was published in 2020. The book was awarded the Giuseppe Sormani International Prize 2020 for the best book on Gramsci in 2017-20.. She is currently finalising a book project on Marx’s Eighteenth Brumaire, to be published in the Marx, Engels and Marxism series of Palgrave. She is also working on a conceptual history of Caesarism and Bonapartism.



F. Antonini, Dictatorship, Bonapartism, Caesarism: On Marx’s “Eighteenth Brumaire”, in M. Prieto (ed.), Dictatorship in the Nineteenth Century: Conceptualizations, Experiences, Transfers, Routledge, London 2021, pp. 47-65.

F. Antonini, Entre Boulanger et Dreyfus: ombres et lumières de la Troisième République dans les “Cahiers de prison”, in R. Descendre – J.-C. Zancarini (eds), La France d’Antonio Gramsci, ENS editions, Lyon 2021, pp. 153-174.

F. Antonini, Bonapartism and Caesarism in Gramsci: Hegemony and the Crisis of Modernity, HM Book Series, Leiden-Boston, Brill 2020.