Frank van Vree

About Frank

Frank van Vree is a senior visiting researcher at the Institute.


Frank van Vree is researcher at the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies of the Dutch Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences and emeritus professor of History of War, Conflict and Memory at the University of Amsterdam. Previously, he was, among other things, Director of the NIOD (2016-2021) and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Professor of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam, endowed professor at Erasmus University and visiting scholar at various institutes abroad, including New York University. Van Vree studied history and philosophy in Groningen and Leiden.

His publications include various books, essays and articles – in scholarly journals as well as newspapers and weeklies – in the field of memory studies (particularly regarding the Second World War), historical culture, and cultural history, as well as the history of Dutch media and journalism.

Van Vree is responsible for two large research projects led by NIOD, the program Independence, Decolonisation, Violence and War in Indonesia 1945-1950 (NIOD, KITLV and NIMH) and the Pilot Project Provenance Research on Objects of the Colonial Era, with the Rijksmuseum and the Dutch National Museum of World Cultures. The conclusion of both projects is scheduled for February-March 2022.



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