Matthijs Lok

About Matthijs

Matthijs Lok is an affiliated and visiting researcher of the Institute.


Dr. Matthijs Lok is a senior lecturer in Modern European History at the European Studies Department of the University of Amsterdam.

I specialise in the comparative political, cultural and intellectual history of modern Europe in a global context since the 18th century. I am particularly interested in topics on the intersection of history, politics, philosophy and memory.

I studied European history at the Universities of Liverpool, Leiden, Paris and Yale, followed by a short career as policy advisor. In 2009 I took my PhD at the History Department of the University of Amsterdam. I was appointed a senior fellow of the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study NIAS (Yeargroup 2019-20).

I am currently completing a book on ‘The Making of Historical Europeanism: Counter-Revolution, Enlightenment and the Politics of the Past’, among other projects.


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Lok, M.M., F. Pestel & J. Reboul (eds.).), The Making of Cosmopolitan Conservatism (1700-1930): Countering Revolution in transnational networks, ideas and movements (Leiden: Brill, 2021). Studies in the History of Political Thought (series editor Annelien de Dijn).

Lok, M.M., & I. de Haan (eds.), The Politics of Moderation in Modern European History (Cham: Palgrave Series in Political History: 2019).

Lok, M. M. (2014). ‘”Un oubli total du passé” The Political and Social Construction of Silence in Restoration Europe (1813-1830)’. History and Memory26 (2), 40-75.